Sep 29, 2010

My friend Haley Scott is becoming a star in Detroit.

Haley has been one of my best friends since senior year of High School. She has always been an amazing artist - photographer, fashionista, designer, painter, and creator of unique monster pillows! She can turn anything into something new and beautiful. She is currently attending College for Creative Studies in Detroit for photography, but she has also been involved in many modeling opportunities, including major photo shoots in L.A.

Today Haley was published in the Detroit Metro Times. She was the model for the Fall Fashion editorial "How to wear white after Labor Day, cool out in camo, and go Egyptian chic." AND she was on the cover!

Metro Times website

"For over a quarter of a century Metro Times has been Detroit’s weekly alternative for news, arts, culture, music, film, food, fashion and more.

Over 657,000 loyal readers pick us up every month to find out who to see, what to do, and where to go. Hard-hitting journalism, in-depth profiles of local artists, musicians, and cultural icons, and the area’s most comprehensive club and concert listings have made it the most sought after news and entertainment resource for metro Detroiters."

Haley's work is distinct, cutting-edge, enticing, and truly one of a kind.
She is the most intriguing person I know. I am so happy that she was given this opportunity, because she deserves it, and there is no one like her.


  1. Alli!
    I feel SO honored to have my very own post in your blog! Love you so much.
    It means sooo much to me that everyone is proud and supports me. I didn't even think people would care that much!
    I can't wait to see you again.

    Love you



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