Aug 3, 2010

Weekend at home.
I went home this Saturday to spend a few days with my family and my best friends. Elise, George, Haley, and Marie were with me Saturday and Sunday night. It was just what I needed to say the least.

My friend group is rare. We only get closer and more connected as time passes. We are all together only a few times a year, and I cherish those nights when everyone is in town. It is always the same familiar thing. Late night talks until 5:00 am. Never any earlier. I am never sad to lose sleep when I am with these people. And it's because I am always challenged, inspired, and spiritually awakened when we are together. We go deeper, and we get to the heart of things. This weekend was another one that was filled with laughter, tears, and tough conversations.

As much as I try, I can never truly describe our group and the way we interact with each other. Most people don't get it, because it just isn't common or normal. But that is why I love it. We have grown up together and shared the hardest parts of our lives with each other. I am glad to say that this group of people has been the most influential thing in my life. They are the people who are seeking God fervently and holding nothing back. They don't hide and they don't compromise. They do not give in to the world and the sickness of our culture. They humble themselves before God, giving up everything so that they can be molded by Him. These people are here for me, and I am here for them.

As the Lord brings us into new chapters of our lives, he also brings us into new chapters of our friendship. We are learning to take on the responsibilities that He has given us, and with that, we are moving into our life calling. There are always changes, but nothing can break this bond we have. It cannot be broken because it is truth and it is from the Lord. He has placed us right where we need to be.


  1. I love you so much! Our friend group is irreplaceable and we are all so blessed to have each other. I got all teary eyed reading this. So much of me has been shaped by our friendship. I am so thankful!

  2. Aw, how sweet! I love what you wrote. :) And those pictures are so precious.

    Sounds and looks like a wonderful time, darling.


  3. I was waiting for this post :) hahah

    I love you so much, but you know that.


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