Jul 7, 2010

Say hello to the Gaithers

I sat next to Gloria and Bill at Cracker Barrel. Yep.

Jordan and I went out to eat with the Shepherd gang, and we noticed some familiar folks sitting behind us. Jordan's Uncle Dave was sure it was them, but everyone else had their doubts.

The conversation went something like this:

Uncle Dave: "Hey it looks like Gloria is cheating on Bill!"
Aunt Carol: "No, that's not her. Gloria is much fatter"
Marcia: "plus, that lady looks like she smokes"

Now keep in mind that this mystery couple is RIGHT BEHIND us...definitely within ear shot. Everyone seemed to think that these people were obviously not Bill and Gloria. We decided to slyly take some photos just to compare the real and fake Gaithers. But about ten minutes later, the lady gets up, walks by our table and says "hello". Then she turns to the table next to us and does the same. After this we are getting a little suspicious, and then the man comes along and walks up to the table next to us. The people say "we really enjoy your music" and Bill continues to carry on a conversation with them.

It was the lovely Gaithers after all.
And we all felt pretty embarrassed. The good thing is, we were laughing about it for the rest of the night. This is a story that will be told time and time again.

Notice Bill and Gloria are sitting behind our table to the right. Bill has that awful orange hair and a bright green shirt. You see?

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  1. This is ridiculous!
    I love the Gaithers! Haha.


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