Jul 4, 2010

Can I live in Cincinnati please?

I love Cincinnati. I wouldn't mind if I ended up there someday.
After being here only two days, I have already found that it's a great city with everything I could want and more.

Jordan and I made the three hour drive with his parents on Friday. We came to visit his oldest brother Aaron and sister-in-law Jathniel in their new house. We pulled into Hyde Park, the most beautiful neighborhood I had ever seen, and we found their cozy house right away. Jordan's brother Mark and sister-in-law Lauren were already here when we arrived. Scott, his other brother, got here only an hour behind us. It was a full house by midnight.

On Saturday we went to Newport on the Levee. It was a perfect place to see the view of downtown Cincinnati. We saw street musicians, a guy on stilts, and a man tossing fire. We went to Brothers for lunch, and then cooled off with iced coffee from Starbucks.

We waved goodbye to Mark and Lauren Saturday evening, and the rest of us sat down for some Cranium Turbo. The game was intense, but mostly just filled with stomach aching laughter

Listen carefully to Jerry as he guesses...

...Jordan decided to draw while he waited for his turn...

After a great but exhausting day, we said goodnight.
And I slept wonderfully on my air mattress.

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