Jun 10, 2010

Time for tea!

Aunt Sues is my new favorite place in Marion. We had a ladies tea time lunch there and it happened to be a perfect meal. We ordered the Queens tea which began with a small soup and salad. We each got our own individual tea pot filled with our choice of tea. The meal was three tiers of bite sized goodies like cucumber sandwiches, scones, and mini muffins. Everything tasted delicious! I couldn't get enough.

I think the best part was the quaint and feminine decor. I am now inspired to open my own tea shop.

We finished the afternoon with a trip to the Hostess House Resale Shop. And my oh my did we come across some great steals. I found an owl pendant, tennis shoes, a brand new sun dress, a scarf, and a makeup bag. I think we spent a few hours in there just exploring all of the vintage items.

I will be revisiting both the tea place and the resale shop regularly.
How did I manage to miss out on this for the last two years?


  1. girlfriend, i've been missing out on these great finds for 4 years! who knew we'd find such a treat so close to us?!
    i'll go back with you ANYTIME.
    loved it and you.

  2. When I visit you can we go here?!?!

    Also..i love how one of the descriptions is "vintage" haha it reminds me of when we all mocked each other that one night!

  3. Ericka PattengaleJune 15, 2010 at 12:02 PM

    I love Aunt Sue's! Cindy and I would always gave our girl dates there. And now my mom and sister can't stay away either. Hopefully when Josh and I get back to town, Lauren, you, mothers, and I can go!


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