May 13, 2010

After many long hours in the Boston and Paris airport, we have finally arrived to our final destination. We have been here two full days and it has been amazing all the way. The full time team here has been helping us and showing us what we will be doing for the next few weeks. Their ministry is called Helping Hands, and it is all about working with refugees who are in transition in Greece. Helping Hands is located in downtown Athens in a building called the ARC. They use one floor of the building for the ministry, which has a large open room, a kitchen, baby room, children room, clothes room, showers, and eating area. The refugees are mainly Arabic and Farsi speaking people who have been rejected by society. They are searching for acceptance and a place where they can live and be free. They come to Helping Hands for the fellowship, community, and love. They are offered food, clothes, showers, tea, English classes, children's ministry, and programs and services about Christ.

We have been working with the full time team here in Athens, and we are so thankful to be here and be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves. So far we have met some wonderful people. We can see how God is using this ministry to bring these refugees to Him. We have even learned some Farsi already!

Our beautiful team

Some of the ladies

A street in Athens

A few youngsters we met while doing the kids carnival at the ARC.

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  1. yay! so HAPPY you made it and that you're doing well! we'll keep praying for you!


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