Apr 25, 2010

I am happy to finally have my own blog.
I want to share my life with the people I love and the people I never get to see. Lately my life has been hectic, but summer is near and I will have the chance to write more.

Currently I am getting ready to head into finals week at IWU. Thankfully I only have three actual tests because of my two take home finals. I am proud to say that this year I have gotten rid of my procrastination study habits. Because of this, I was able to spend the Sunday afternoon lounging and watching television. Tonight was LOST and Celebrity Apprentice.

Soon I will be packing up all of my belongings and storing them in the Shepherd household for the week. Once Saturday arrives I will be moving into my new house for the summer! I can't wait to live with two other girls in a cute little house in Marion, and only $100 each for 4 months. We are slowly gathering supplies for the house, but we will be needing some decorations to give it some life. I am most excited to have the opportunity to learn to cook!

As exciting as it all is, there is a part of me that is sad to leave the people I have grown so close to. College is half way done already, and it has really gone by fast. This year alone has been filled with so many memories.

I will be needing these next few weeks to get ready for the even bigger event ahead. My mission trip to Greece is two weeks away. I still need to do a ton of research about the country and the cultures we will be around. I want to devote my time to prayer and preparation. It still hasn't hit me that I will be working with war refugees and sex trafficking victims in Greece. I can't even start to imagine what that will be like. All I know is that God has big plans. My team is amazing and we are all so united in this mission. We are overwhelmingly thankful for the people who have supported this trip. It has already been a journey and we haven't even left yet.

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